Feb. 21st, 2009

Need more information

So, I've no deadline and, while I'm not a trusting man, I would like to know for myself exactly what is going on.  There's also the fact that it's likely I'm being tracked.  Even if Angela hadn't been trying to make contact, there's still the Elle issue.  She found me, goodness knows how, and there's no telling whom she might've passed that information on to.  I also want to know what the bloody hell is going on, for myself.  Why should the Company need to restructure?  What has happened since Bob was killed and Elle left to prompt that?  Best place I can think of to get  what I need is New York.  I'll start in the city and work my way back to Hartsdale if need be and find out what's happened.  Not sure what I'll do then.  Now all I need do is find me a plane bound for JFK and get started on this.  I'm sure Lee and Abigail can mange on their own.  I left them some time ago after that near miss with 2 suited strangers, didn't recognize them personally but having been an agent once a upon a time, I know the look of covert ops when I see it.  Lost them in the tube easily enough, but between that and Angela having found me it's best I just send a cryptic message to Abigail and Lee that I'll be going off the grid.  Good thing I travel light.

Feb. 16th, 2009


I left the Company 8 years ago and it wasn't exactly by choice.  I'd begun disagreeing with their policies and procedures as well as questioning their motives and I was terminated for doing so, nearly literally.  Now it's just Angela Petrelli left and she wants to start over.  I keep running but I keep finding myself involved anyway.  There's also the fact that Angela found me anyway, despite my best efforts.  Specials keep  finding me as well; specials in need of help.  As much as I'd like to be left alone, it would be nice not to have to hide so much.  Not exactly a people person but I could help more of my people.  Though if I do take the offer, if Bennet shows up I'm gone.  Bastard shot me once.  No telling what he'd do now.

Feb. 4th, 2009

Just got an email...from Mrs. Petrelli

I suppose I ought not to be surprised.  Somehow they found one of my email addresses.  Good thing there are a lot of free servers.   Too much of a paper trail otherwise. I debated not replying but seeing as how they managed to send this to one of my accounts, I reckoned I'd better at least reply even if that answer is an emphatic "NO."  I reckon I'll have to go deeper into hiding.  Back when I'd originally joined, they had much the same sales pitch as Mrs. Petrelli is spinning now.  I know all too well what happens after they've got their hooks in you.  Disagree, show any independent thought, and you wind up 6 feet under or at the least someone makes a good go at  trying to off you.  "Better pay and better benefits."  PAH!  What they let you pick your coffin out now?  Or urn?  Or maybe you can choose which "friend" tries to kill you?