Oct. 3rd, 2011

Rant: Plato hasn't a clue

Recently got hold of  a copy of Saving The World: a Guide to Heroes and I have an issue with it.  Granted, I know this book was written back at the end of season 1, but still, this bothers me.  My issue is in Part 1 Going Deep, section titled Comics, an article titled "Growing Pains: Heroes and the Quest for Identity" by Ben Strickland.  On page 101 of the book is the bit I have issue with.  Ben is referencin' Plato's Republic and goin' on about this bloke who finds a ring, the ring of Gyges, that allows the wearer to do what I can do: go invisible.  The bloke apparently then uses this ring to rape the queen and kill the king and then takes the king's place.  The theory is put forth that because I nick stuff that this is the path I will follow.  Really?  Really?!?!  You're gonna take the words of a long dead writer who was obtuse enough to advocate that The Iliad and The Odyssey should be banned and attempt to apply them to me?  Yeah, I nick stuff!  Been doin' that since I was 16, been invisible since I was 13.  What exactly would you have me do?  I nearly died when I went against the Company openly!  Or did you miss that bit?  Have you seen what I've done since I left Peter's flat?  Have you seen how it was that the wankers of  Buildin' 26 caught me?  I was defendin' friends!  How about the fact I saw Molly safely 'ome to India?  Are these the actions of a murderer or rapist?  Any birds I shagged consented to it.  Any who said no, I left alone.  I  never killed anyone in cold blood, never tried to take over as any king or president or anythin' like that.  I won't say I haven't defended meself but were I as immoral as you would seem to suggest by your article Mr. Strickland, why did I risk me life to take a stand against the Company in the first place?  You've likely seen that not only did I not go after Arthur Petrelli or Daniel Linderman, I also didn't take revenge on Bennet for shootin' me.   Sure I steal.   I can't exactly get a 9-5, can I?  You've no doubt noticed I haven't cleaned out any banks.  And where have you seen me livin' when I'm free?  The roof of a buildin' in New York City and in a flat with friends in London.  You don't see me livin' it up on some tropical isle somewhere, do you?    I've read Plato and I never much cared for what he wrote.   But you go on and buy the words of someone who'd have kept us all from The Iliad and The Odyssey.  I'll be over 'ere bein' me, with me own code of ethics, thanks very much.
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Oct. 20th, 2009

Why My Mantra is "People Suck"

...beyond bad things done to me personally that I don't care to discuss right now.

Exhibit A: Balloon Boy Hoax. If I need to spell out why this reinforces my mantra then you haven't been paying attention and should crawl back under your rock.

Exhibit B: Telemarketers. Again, a no-brainer unless you live under a rock. I know that a good many are on the federal do not call list in the USA and they still get calls on unlisted and unpublished numbers. What's worse is that they now have machines makin' calls. If you're gonna be annoying at least have a human do it!

Exhibit C: Internet companies not keeping up with their technology. MySpace is not allowing links to stuff on Blogger. It's not Spam people. Get your heads out of your arses and fix the coding! Things were bad enough when you introduced 2.0 for profiles which quite frankly sucks. And what is with all the #Failwhales on Twitter? This service is a free, user friendly, and popular tool. Did you lot not anticipate the popularity of this service? Kindly fix your servers. And while we're at it, I should mentions some EBay related problems. I'll say this much, at least it's not the site itself or the servers that's the problem there. It's some of the sellers. They demand immediate payment and then wait well over a month to ship the merchandise that's already been paid for. They fail to respond to messages sent on EBay too. If you can't keep up, then don't sell on EBay! And Blogger you are by no means blameless. I'm sick and bloody tired of hearing how your site refuses to upload pictures due to "internal error." You want your site used? Fix it!

Exhibit D:The JP who refused to marry an "interracial couple." He seriously needs a reality check! 1) It's 2009 not 1909! 2) the only race on this planet is the HUMAN race and this bloke is not helping my faith in it. To him I say: Wake up you git!

Exhibit E: Health Insurance Companies and access to Healthcare in the USA- This is a biggie and by that I mean it in the British sense that it's a load of shite. It's a right pear shaped mess. 200% increases in premiums and then the companies refuse to cover what's needed. Look at that baby who made the news because his parents' insurance refused him coverage. And that's just the tip of the iceberg for those fortunate enough to afford insurance. Don't get me started on what 'appens to those who can't.

And people wonder why I'm so negative.