Aug. 13th, 2008

So, 'ere I am

So, 'ere I am, doin' what I do best, stayin' under the radar.  Well that and raisin' pigeons.  Fairly resilient birds, even if some folk call 'em "Sky rats" or worse.  If y' ask me, it's people who're the "rats."   The things they do.  Animals treat each other better. Hadda start from scratch with me current flock.  I won't say why.  Not big on the whole sharin' thing.  I'll tell y' this much, though, I'm glad I left the cages open. Hadda leave in an 'urry last time I was 'ere.  Not plannin' on having to bolt like that again any time soon.   Granted this city's not exactly 'ome, but I'm used to it.  Easy enough to get supplies for one thing.  Probably, also the last place those that are chasing me and wishin' me ill will look, at least I hope... Course that makes y'wonder why I'm online. Paper journal are too dangerous. Gotta shred 'em if you wanna hide what's in 'em. Now a wireless laptop was easy enough for me to nick. Encrypt the files and almost no one can read 'em 'cept whoever's meant to.