Aug. 25th, 2008


So I sleep and 'ave nightmares about what I saw while workin' for Primatech and about what I suspect they were doin' but never saw firsthand.  I wake up and go over in my 'ead what I know of the Hartsdale offices.  If anything local has any intell on the Shanti Virus it will be that one.  I'm wondering how I'm gonna get by the infrared devices that I know they must've installed by now.  Pickin' locks is easy.  High tech surveillance, gettin' around that will be hard.  I need to find breakfast, too.  I'm not sure when Peter will be comin' back, but the more I think about it the more I'm realizing I can't do this alone, even as I am loathe to admit that.  The last time I went against the Company, I was alone and got shot for my trouble.  Trust doesn't come easy when your best mate tries to kill you.  I keep tellin' myself that if this bloody virus gets out none of that will matter.  I can't stand people and yet 'ere I am trying to save them while hidin' in the shadows.  If I'm successful at all, they'll never know.  I 'ave to laugh at the irony.